About Us


Olympic Industries Limited was founded in June 1979 as Bengal Carbide Limited, a battery manufacturer. As we gained the trust of our consumers and witnessed changes in the battery industry, we decided to diversify into products that could be a part of our consumers’ daily lives. We saw significant opportunities in the biscuit and confectionery industries and imported our first lines in 1996. Today, we are the largest manufacturer of biscuits in Bangladesh and biscuits and confectionery products represent 95%+ of our annual revenue.

Over the last 30 years, Olympic has grown to be the one largest manufacturers, distributors and marketers of fast moving consumer goods in Bangladesh. What makes Olympic so popular is the quality of our products. We understand that customers have high expectations, and that their loyalty depends on it. As the market leader in the biscuits industry, we have only been able to achieve what we have by staying true to our core values and by focusing on the consumer.


May 2017

Commencement of ninth biscuit & cookie line production

February 2017

Received CIP status in the large scale industrial category

January 2017

Commencement of PET sheet forming and tray making operations

January 2017

Decision to import and install noodles, snacks and carton lines, and to increase bakery production capacity

November 2016

Commencement of eighth biscuit line production

May 2016

Decision to Import 9th Biscuit and Cookie Line

December 2015

Decision to Import 8th Biscuit Line

July 2015

NBR Award for highest VAT in production sector for 2013-2014

October 2014

6th and 7th Biscuit Production Line

February 2014

ISO 22000 Certification

August 2012

5th Biscuit Production Line

July 2012

NBR Award for highest VAT in production sector for 2010-2011

September 2010

4th Biscuit Production Line

March 2010

HACCP Certification

August 2008

Amalgamation of Tripti Industries Limited with Olympic Industries Limited

July 2008

3rd Biscuit Production Line

July 2003

2nd Biscuit Production Line

July 1999

Joined the Bangladesh Association of Publicly Listed Companies

November 1998

Electric Bulb Production

January 1998

Ballpoint Pen Production

December 1996

Biscuit & Confectionery Production

September 1996

Listing on Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited

June 1996

Name Changed to Olympic Industries Limited

August 1995

Expansion of Production Capacities to Produce UM-3 Batteries

September 1991

Palm Oil & Olein Production

September 1987

Soyabean Oil & Vegetable Ghee Production

June 1984

Listing on Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited

April 1982

Battery Production

June 1979

Incorporation as Bengal Carbide Limited

Mission Statement

At Olympic, we believe that being a good business means contributing to the well-being of our workers, our customers, our community, and our planet. We want to add value by making good products which nourish people, all the while creating jobs and contributing to the Bangladesh economy.

We aspire to

  • Maintain our leadership position in the biscuit industry by producing the best quality products for our consumers that are unique, innovative and delicious
  • Protect the interest of our shareholders through fiscal prudence
  • Be an employer of choice while developing future leaders for our organization and the country
  • Be stewards of social responsibility in Bangladesh through our initiatives.

We believe that quality and integrity is the recipe of our success. Now the leader in the biscuit market, we were only able to get to where we are today by staying true to our core values and by developing new quality products we believe our customers will love.



We are dedicated to making products that are healthy, safe and hygienic.


We believe that the best way to succeed is by staying true to our core values.


We work hard, and we work with passion.


We are always learning and adapting, as we are keen to follow best practices.


Sustainability, innovation, and strategic planning play key roles in our business processes. The future is here, and we want to be part of it.